Chuck is a website slowly being developed by me, Chuck Morrow
I have been a resident musician in Austin, Texas
since 1975, formerly of San Antonio, Texas.
I am primarily a professional bass player, but play a lot of other
instruments as well, including guitars, keyboards/synthesizers,
drums and sitar. My specialty sitar web site is "Austin Sitar",
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Here's a song I wrote called "The Circle". This link opens to two files -
one window that that talks about the motivation and perspective
of the song, and a second window to play the sound file. Phil
Anstrom is on 1st lead guitar, 1st backing guitar and piano.
I wrote the song and played everything that Phil didn't.
To enable these windows, please "allow popup windows" for
""in your browser settings! I promise
not to throw an advertisement up in your face!
  Click Here To Play "The Circle"
Stay tuned for future developments, as I will have more
sound clips from some of my many projects, some music philosophy
perspectives, and lots of other (hopefully) interesting content.\
In the meantime, here's some music. No matter what you like,
you should find something here to fit your style. Oh, and these are
complete songs MP3'd at 128K, so the files
are big. If you are on a dial-up internet service, expect the
download time to be minutes for each song.
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We're all gettin' older now, but the truth is still with us! "Hypochondriac"
was written by Claude (Butch) Morgan back around 1982, and
like all well written songs, the message is timeless! You can see
what he's up to here: Claude (Butch) Morgan dot Com.
Many thanks to Butch for letting me post this song. This was originally
recorded in Wink Tyler's Austin Recording Studios here in Austin
around 1983. Apparently I have the last surviving copy! Wow!
So this is from a cassette as well, a rough mix probably...
Butch is playing guitar and singing, and I'm on the bass. Dan
Dreeban was the drummer. Where is He? He's great!
Click Here To Play "Hypochondriac"
...Here's a recent one, lyrics written by my best friend Brenda
Bishop and music by myself. She's the vocalist, and once again
I've played all the instruments. The saxophone and piano sounds
are patches on a Korg TR-Rack, the sound module version of the
vintage Korg Trinity analog keyboard series. Recorded A/A/D.
Click Here To Play "How Does Love Know?"
  ....This one is an original, a "Steely Dan" type reggae kind of
thing with a poigniant finish called "Kick Your Ass".
Click Here To Play "Kick Your Ass"
I played all the instruments, and programmed a couple
of Alesis SR-16s for drums. My good friend Phil Anstrom helped
me with background vocals. This one was recorded here at home on
a Tascam 38 1/2" 8 track and mastered to a Revox A700 1/4"
half track. Everything is running at 15ips.
I'm just an analog kinda guy I guess.
OK, speaking of Phil Anstrom, here's "Loud Guitars" written by Phil himself.
Click Here to Play "Loud Guitars!"
We called the band "Free Reign". This one was recorded live to cassette (really!)
at Phil's studio some time ago.
Phil wrote it and played slide guitar as well as all that
right hand tapping stuff in the middle solo. I don't remember how
he got the slide on and off so fast. I played bass. Mark Powers is
singing and he's got the guitar solo at the end. Dave Womack was the drummer.
Here's a pleasant country ditty
to end the night. This one's called "My Heart Belongs to You"..
It's a little country love song I wrote in a sincere Ernest Tubb tradition.
The hot lead acoustic guitar work is Phil Anstrom again.
I didn't set out to feature Phil this way today, but hey,
he and I have worked a lot together.
It's no accident he shows up on most of my favorite stuff! (I love you, Man!)
"My Heart Belongs to You" tracks were recorded in my analog studio.
This tune also features my Gibson Dobro bass. That's right, it's
a "resonator bass". This is as close as I've heard to a string bass
on a 34" scale that you can hold on your lap.
The drums are again a coupl'a Alesis SR-16s I programmed.
Click Here to Play "My Heart Belongs to You"
We're not amateurs.. All soundfiles on this page have been copyrighted
by their respective owners.